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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bell Replica Foundry Project

This aluminum bell casting project is relatively easy. As a pattern I used a small brass bell that is hanging on my workshop door for the last few years .
Making the mould is a very easy process but the tricky part is getting all the aluminum to fill the mould cavity. The bell pattern is about 3mm thick and as I thought it didn't fill properly the first pour.
The second pour I carved some of the sand off the cope part of the mould. This time the sand mould was filled properly. I like the contrast between the aluminum silver shine and the brass. Now I plan to make a back mounting plate for both of the bells.
Using my gas burner for the foundry it takes about 35-45 min for the aluminum to melt. I use all the scrap sprue and risers from the other castings, No aluminum goes to waste ;-)
Aluminum bell casting video:


  1. Put these bells in your windows so you may add security in your home. I really think it's a good idea.

    roller shutters perth

  2. I am learning to cast, doe some zinc and alum ingots. Been using a propane turkey fryer and cast iron pots. I like the bell, does it ring? The reason I want to learn to pour is to make machine tools, inspired by Dave Gingery.

    1. To be honest I never had the chance to finish the bell project and to attach the bell Clapper part. It's still sitting on my shelf with many other unfinished projects. ;-)
      I do believe it will have a nice ring sound when I will finish it....one day.


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