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August 14, 2021

 Turning A Cheap Axe into a Viking Style Axe

I just posted a new video where I took an old axe and turned it into a cool looking Viking axe style, I have used first time metal etching in this project, and sand casting to create the new solid aluminum handle. As always all the aluminum used is from recycled old parts, Feel free to check my YouTube video below with all the steps and don't forget to tap on like, subscribe or just leave a comment ;-).

The first step was to create the new Viking axe design, I used basic material's to create the shape such as WD40 metal can, duct tape roll and T-Pex pen pen to mark the lines. I have also removed the old handle easily by drilling the axe head. 

Step 1: designing the Viking axe shape
Making a Viking axe style from a cheap axe/hatchet

Step 2: removing the old cheap handle

Step 3: using and angle grinder cutting the shape of the Viking axe

Once the shape was cut with an angle grinder I did some sanding with a flap disc and sand paper

Step 4: Oil heat treatment of the Viking axe head, for extra strength and durability

Step 5: creating the sand mold and casting the aluminum into a sand mould with the Viking axe head inside. The aluminum casting turned out very well just required some light cleanup ;-).

 Step 6: To create extra support of the axe head to the new casted aluminum handle I used my bench drill, drilling two holes and welding x2 metal pins for extra strength, then cleaned the surface with angle grinder and you could never guess there are 2 pins welded
Making a Viking axe style from a cheap axe/hatchet and aluminum handle casting

After the metal pins welding and cleanup on both sides
Making a Viking axe style from a cheap axe/hatchet

Step 7: I used metal etching with a 12V car battery charger, salt and lemon to create two words in (ancient Paleo (1200BC) Wiki) - one words refers to "Good" and the other word "Evil", I thought its symbolic as an axe can be used as a weapon in times of war and other times just for survival/camping to chop wood. I used electrical tape and Tipp-ex pen to create the words and shapes across the Viking axe head.

Metal etching with basic materials

First look after short etching, this was just my first test next time I might do deeper metal etching

Step 8: After a bit of aluminum polish I used a Paracord to wrap around the axe handle (simple west country whipping) and lastly sharpened the axe blade a bit, and that's it turned out very cool ;-).

Ready to chop some wood