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Aluminum is a very versatile material and I would like to promote the awareness of aluminum recycling via different metal casting projects.

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December 30, 2011

Oil Bonded Sand Cating Large Aluminum Skull

In this aluminum casting I made a replica of a decorative plastic skull that I bought for €10. For the sand moulding I used petrobond and carved around the pattern. The main problem with the skull was its shape. I used filler to smooth "problematic" angles of the skull so that way it would be easier to remove the pattern without breaking the sand impression.

For this casting I also built a new wooden Flask because of the large size of the skull. I decided to reduce the weight of the aluminum skull by creating a hollow core. To form the core I just used an empty can of corn instead of making the traditional sand core.

The casting turned out well the only mistake is did was placing the corn can too high in the sand and that caused holes in the casted skull eye sockets.

I made a short video just showing how I removed the can of corn from the skull casting. It's a very easy proccess all that is needed is some sort of pliers to cut and pull the can out of the aluminum skull casting.

Video of me removing the can: