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Hi everyone, I mainly focus on metal casting projects using recycled scrap aluminum and other accessories in the pattern creations.
Aluminum is a very versatile material and I would like to promote the awareness of aluminum recycling via different metal casting projects.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sand casting new foundry flask (Part I)

This is a new video I made showing the sand moulding process of my future foundry flask. In the video I made you will see the first part of the aluminum flask. I have 7 more parts to cast before it's ready for use.
This casting was made using my homemade green sand. No need for very fine casting details it's just a sand box after all ;-)
This is my sketchup design:

I made two patterns for each side of the flask, so the drag part is just a mirror image of the cope. The third pattern is my FlamingFurnace plaque name and flask size.
I made it optional to make the sand mould impression with or without it.

In the next image you can a correction I made to the gating system for the sprue, riser. This small change from the gating system I have in the video will prevent porosity.


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