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November 17, 2012

Sand Casting new ball handle

I decided to upgrade my kitchen stool handle by changing it to a large aluminum ball handle. Last year I  sand casted two aluminum balls, I used my sons plastic toy ball as a pattern ;-)
Since then I didn't really have a use for those aluminum balls but I kept them knowing I would find some use for them. In this first set of images you can see the sand casting process. I used petrobond (oil bonded sand).
Creating the sand mold impression of the balls was a very simple process, however its not a split pattern so it took a bit longer to carve the sand up to the middle of the ball.
After the molten aluminum cooled down I opened the wooden flask and cut off the riser with a hacksaw. Then I cleaned the extra aluminum using a metal file and an electric sander.
After cleaning the aluminum ball  I used my tap and die set to make a threaded hole in the aluminum ball. Once that was done I polished it and attached it into place.
sand casting aluminum ball