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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Casting aluminum pistol and suppressor replica

Last weekend I had a few spare hours so I decided to create a solid aluminum pistol replica with an attachable suppressor. I bought a cheap plastic toy pistol from a 1$ shop, first I carefully separated the pistol into 2 halves trying not to break the plastic casting. After I had the 2 parts separated I filed off the extra bits that might ruin the sand mold. I left 4 plastic pins in one part of the pistol pattern that way the two part would align perfectly. I decided to attach a suppressor to the pistol so I made another sand mold using a separate foundry flask.  I also used hard plastic tube (vitamin-c sweets tube) as a pattern for the aluminum casting. For both sand molds I used my green molding sand I was surprised that I didn't have to add water to the sand mixture, it was still good for use since I store the green sand in a closed plastic box.

foundry sand casting aluminum pistol replica foundry sand casting cope and drag sand casting foundry flask cope sand casting gating system sand casting suppressor mould
After finishing the sand mold and the gating system for the molten aluminum I secured the foundry flask cope and drag with clamps. The casting session was quick for this project as there was no need for a big amount of  aluminum for such a small casting. Half a crucible of molten aluminum was enough for the pistol replica and the suppressor.  I poured the molten aluminum into the sand mold cavity and let the casting cool down for half an hour. The casting was not bad at all, not as high a quality finish as you would get using oil bonded sand (Petrobond) but good enough for homemade green sand. After the metal cooled down I used a reciprocating saw to cut off the gating system.
aluminum pistol casting green sand aluminum suppressor casting
aluminum pistol casting with sprue and riser
solid aluminum pistol casting replica
cutting sprue and riser
The next stage was to file clean all the extra aluminum "flash", the casting was good so the cleaning part didn't take too long. After filing the extra aluminum I sanded the aluminum pistol replica and the suppressor. I used my tap and die set to create the threaded holes and a small two sided bolt to secure the suppressor to the pistol barrel.  The polishing part is where I never really have too much patience, especially if it is a large object with odd angles. I decided to semi polish the pistol replica giving it a bit more of an authentic look. The suppressor part I polished with more patience ;-)
threading aluminum casting polishing aluminum castinghomemade foundry, aluminum sand casting pistol  replica
Anyway here is another useless item that I have created, It  will serve as an excellent paper weight.
I am thinking perhaps to place the pistol replica in a wooden box with a glass front and to printed on the glass "IN CASE OF A ZOMBIE ATTACK KEEP IT SILENT" ;-)....If and when I make the box I will add a photo to this post.


  1. awesome love it this is the reason why I want to get into this .. love ya work Mate , Andrew ... Townsville Queensland.

  2. getting there slowly I send u some pics of my creations ...built my furnace out of hebel ...my next tackle green sand
    hope you keep in contact ,..ANDREW Townsville Australia...

  3. Nice work :o)

    I.m going to build a garden furnace powered by a mobile diesel heater ( hot air canon ).. i think this will get hot enough because the METAL plate at the end of the heater always gets glowing red.... I Just have to remove that plate, and place a iron can there were i put the aluminium pieces in to melt. :-) maybe i can duplicate some broken car/enginge or other parts.

    The Netherlands

  4. Was the plastic gun still inside the sand when you poured the metal?

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