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Aluminum is a very versatile material and I would like to promote the awareness of aluminum recycling via different metal casting projects.

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August 18, 2020

Electrolysis Rust Removal Tutorial

In this Electrolysis Rust Removal Tutorial I used an old rusty adjustable spanner just to demonstrate how efficient this method is, absolutely fantastic for home DIY use, work place or any restoration projects. The setting is very basic and takes 5 minutes at a very low cost once you have an old battery charger lying around or even a spare mobile charger. Most important is not to get confused with the Positive (+) and Negative (-) connections ;-). Feel free to check my YouTube channel, Like, Subscribe or drop me a comment below my video.

Feel free to check my other Rust Removal videos on my YouTube channel

Below you can see the before and after results after 1 night of electrolysis de-rusting, the duration depends on the level of rust, for light rust a few hours is more then enough, for heavy rust over night or more might be more suitable. After the electrolysis is done a bath of vinegar is recommended for the de-rusted part, makes it easier to clean all the electrolysis left over residue. The adjustable spanner below was covered with rust over 4 years.

After the de-rusting process is complete I would recommend to cover the part with some lubricating oil, alternatively spray paint it after the cleaning as it will oxidize very quickly if not treated.